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Use and installation of drip irrigation tape.

Use and installation of drip irrigation tape.

Use and installation of drip irrigation tape.

Drip irrigation tape is a kind of water saving irrigation equipment commonly used in arid area, and its irrigation rate can reach 95%.

Drip irrigation tape has the advantage of water saving relative to irrigation.

Drip irrigation comes in two forms, one is the inner veneer drip irrigation tape, one is the labyrinth drip irrigation belt.


Set within the patch drip irrigation belt is set within flat drip drip irrigation belt head, it is the flat shape of the drop head set on the inner wall of the duct tape on the integration of drip irrigation belt, inserted inside drop head cabin filter window, blocking resistance performance is good, the irrigation uniformity.

It is widely used in greenhouse and field crops irrigation.

Maze runner and drop hole vacuum integral hot pressing molding technology, good adhesion and high precision.

It is widely used for irrigation of fields, sheds, fruit trees, flowers, vegetables, cotton, corn, wheat and other crops. It is a professional equipment for saving water and saving energy and increasing production.

Drip irrigation has a higher water-saving effect than sprinkler irrigation, and it can be combined with fertilization to more than double.

Drip irrigation belt has the function of saving water, saving fertilizer, saving labor, controlling temperature and humidity, keeping soil structure, improving quality and increasing yield and efficiency.

It can be applied to fruit trees, vegetables, economic crops and greenhouse greenhouse irrigation.

The disadvantage is that the droplets are prone to scaling and blockage, so the water supply should be strictly filtered.

Areas with conditions should actively develop drip irrigation.

In order to achieve better irrigation results, we should pay attention to the following items when laying drip irrigation tape:

  1. The plot of the installation of drip irrigation equipment should be finely ground to pick out the stubble.

The root stubble, rock, weeds and other things can easily puncture the drip irrigation belt and cause the water vapor in the mulch to form the lens effect.

  1. When installing, the staff should carefully read the instructions of each part and connect the parts with the correct installation method.
  2. When laying drip irrigation tape, keep the maze side facing up (that is, the embossing side facing up).

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  1. Dry, branch, attached tube 1 but after installation to the land, rigorous agricultural machinery, agricultural tools RCC, scraping the pipe, to avoid external damage to reduce the service life.
  2. If the machine is laid, the pulley and the rotating mechanism must install the bearing to ensure that the pulley can rotate flexibly and can not pull the drip irrigation belt, causing the deformation of the labyrinth to affect the water drop.
  3. When laying, the drip irrigation belt can be buried to avoid focal burns.

It can also be covered with a layer of 1 mm thick on the drip irrigation belt or the film, damaging the formation of the lens and avoiding burns.

  1. After the installation of drip irrigation equipment is completed, it is necessary to arrange special personnel management to strictly prohibit other people from disassembling and assembling, opening and closing the valve.
  2. After the installation of the system, water should be delivered to the drip irrigation system in a timely manner to prevent the sunlight from being exposed to ultraviolet radiation and accelerate the aging of the pipe and drip irrigation.

The above mentioned matters, we must pay attention to the process of laying drip irrigation tape, to ensure the standardization of laying operation.

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