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Main equipment of micro irrigation system.

Main equipment of micro irrigation system.

Main equipment of micro irrigation system.

Main equipment of micro irrigation system.First, the first hub.

The first hub is usually composed of water intake valve, check valve, inlet valve, metering device, fertilizer applicator and filter.

  1. Intake valve

The water intake valve can be opened for water intake and shutoff. The commonly used type of water intake valve is gate valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, etc., which is made of cast iron, steel, plastic and so on.

  1. Check valve

Check valves are also called check valves or one-way valves that flow only in one direction.

When the water is cut off, it is used to prevent the water from pouring into the water source containing the fertilizer. It can also prevent the flow of water from pouring into the water pump impeller, thus protecting the irrigation pump.

  1. Inlet and exhaust valve.

Into the exhaust valve is also called air valve, general installation, the highest point of micro irrigation system used to release the network accumulated air, prevent the pipeline vibration damage, or needs in drainage system, air intake.

  1. Measuring device

The measuring device of micro-irrigation system mainly includes water meter and pressure gauge.

  1. Fertilizer applicator

The commonly used fertilizers in micro irrigation system include pressure differential fertilizer applicator, venturi fertilizer applicator, proportional automatic fertilizer pump, etc.

  1. Filter

Micro irrigation technique for irrigation water contains no cause is blocking the dirt and impurities, and in fact any water sources, such as libraries of lake, pond, river and ditch streams, all have different degree to dirt and impurities, even the well water, good water quality will also contain a certain amount of sand and may produce chemical precipitation of the material.

Therefore, the strict filtration of irrigation water is the first step in the micro irrigation project, which is the key measure to ensure the normal operation of the micro irrigation system, prolong the service life of the irrigation and ensure the quality of irrigation water.

Piping and accessories.

Most of the micro irrigation systems use plastic pipes, commonly used in PVC, polypropylene (PP) and PE.

Some other pipes, such as galvanized steel pipes, are also used in the first hub, road, and high shelf.

  1. Water dropper

There are many kinds of drip, each has its own characteristics, and the applicable conditions are different.

According to the structure and flow pattern, the water irrigation mainly has the head, drip irrigation belt, micro-sprinkler head, micro-jet belt, water surge tank, seepage irrigation pipe and so on.

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