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Why choose drip irrigation?

Why choose drip irrigation?

Why choose drip irrigation?

Advantage of drip irrigation:

  1. Water saving.

Drip irrigation advantage is that during the growth period of the crop, it is 40 to 50 percent more water than conventional ground irrigation.

Because it is the irrigation form that drops the water drop by drop, evenly and slowly into the soil, the water can be absorbed into the soil to the maximum extent, avoiding evaporation loss and low water flow.

Drip irrigation on other parts of the soil moisture in the unsaturated state, only near the drip irrigation under the head of soil moisture in saturated state, the soil water infiltration and diffusion mainly by means of capillary tension.

2.Reduce pesticides.

Like the principle of fertilizer, the average amount of pesticide can be reduced by 10%~20%.

  1. Save land.

Traditional irrigation channels irrigate a large amount of land area, and it can save 5%~7% of the cultivated land.

4.Save labor.

Drip irrigation technology valves control irrigation, which doubles the amount of irrigation that can be operated by a single person.

5.Save fertilizer.

It can be soluble in water to the plant root system, make fertilizer easy to be absorbed, improve the utilization rate, the average can save more than 20%~40%, can also play the role of protecting soil.

  1. Strong resistance to salt and alkali.

After irrigation, the soil can be released from the soil and effectively improve the growing environment of crops.

It is a good type of irrigation.

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