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Common problems and solutions in the operation of drip irrigation system.

Common problems and solutions in the operation of drip irrigation system.

Common problems and solutions in the operation of drip irrigation system.

During the operation of drip irrigation system, water pump, pipe network and so on often fail to affect the operation of irrigation system.

Only when these system failures are eliminated in time can the effect of water saving and synergism of drip irrigation system be fully realized, and the value of the construction of drip irrigation system can be realized.

The problems and corresponding solutions of several drip irrigation systems are introduced.

A common problems, centrifugal pump and centrifugal pump in the process of solution system is also often appear problem, common problems are: not too much lack of water, flow, power, electrical heating, noise, serious vibration, water pump leakage, pressure decreases, and so on.

Problem solving methods: 1. Adjust the flow rate, close the small outlet valve, reduce the suction process and replace the bearing;

  1. Check and remove the blockage, “adjust the motor direction of the motor”, open the pump cover or open the exhaust valve, and exhaust the air;
  2. Check the pipe network, close the over-open ball valve, handle the leakage ball valve, and replace the leaking pipe.
  3. Stabilize pressure and replace impeller;
  4. Shut down the water pump, and cover the water pump with a sieve when necessary;
  5. Stabilize the pipeline, improve suction pressure and exhaust, and reduce vacuum degree;
  6. Welding repair or replacement, dressing and fastening;
  7. Common problems and solutions of submersible pumps 1.

The solution is to remove the blockage, replace the power cord, change the motor, and replace the new sealing ring and impeller.

  1. Motor cannot start and hum.

Solution: repair and replace shaft, remove foreign body, adjust voltage.

  1. The current is too large and the pointer of the ammeter is swinging.

Solution: replace the guide bearing, repair and replace the pump bearing, replace the thrust bearing and thrust disc.

  1. Low insulation resistance of the motor to the ground.

Solution: remove the old winding resistance for new winding, repair the connector and cable.

  1. The unit turns violently.


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