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Water saving agriculture

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Water saving agriculture

Water saving agriculture is a systematic project, of course, it includes: time and space to adjust water resources, make full use of natural precipitation, the efficient use of irrigation water, as well as improving crop water use efficiency, and other aspects, the goal of science and technology can be summarized as: to improve the utilization of water resources, utilization efficiency and production efficiency.

To this end, we need to adopt comprehensive water-saving measures including engineering, agronomy, biology and management.

The combination of various water saving technologies, as well as the interconnection between dry farming and irrigation agriculture, is effective for the successful implementation of agricultural water saving and the realization of a large number of irrigation water conservation goals.

Water-saving agriculture for almost all of the agriculture, but in arid, semi-arid and semi-humid region using more, water saving agriculture to conquer is the core problem: while maintaining the agricultural production to normal on how to make full use of local rainfall and greatly reduce the irrigation water, so as to achieve the regional balance and the sustainable utilization of water resources.

Developing water saving agriculture is an important solution to solve the crisis of water resources, also is the need of the construction of modern agriculture, efficient use of water and soil resources, economic, ecological and social benefits of combining is the basic goal of sustainable agriculture, it must be according to the laws of the water resources situation and agricultural water demand implementation of water saving irrigation.

To this end, we should break the traditional concept of agricultural water use, and establish an agricultural water supply system that ADAPTS to the needs of modern society and modern agriculture.

In this sense, water saving agriculture is modern agriculture, and water saving irrigation belongs to scientific irrigation.