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Analysis of current situation of water saving irrigation.

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Analysis of current situation of water saving irrigation.

Water saving irrigation is a trend.It is predicted that by 2050, the world’s total population will rise from 7 billion to 9 billion, and human demand for food will increase by 70 to 100 percent at current levels.

The world’s freshwater resources are increasingly scarce, and human demand for food is increasing, and freshwater resources have become a security threat to agricultural development and world food supplies.

How to solve the problem of limited arable land, shortage of fresh water resources and rising world food demand?

To settle on the surface of the cultivated land is limited, shortage of freshwater resources and rising world demand for food between the problem, there is just one way, which improve the efficiency of agricultural irrigation water use, the development of water saving agriculture is the only way.

At present, significant progress has been made in water saving irrigation in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and the popularization of water saving irrigation is higher.

In developed countries, sprinkler irrigation technology, micro irrigation, canal seepage control engineering technology, such as pipeline irrigation technology of water saving irrigation technology is already relatively mature, the sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation have the most advanced water-saving irrigation technology, European and American developed countries, 60% ~ 80% of the irrigation area of sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation methods, least irrigated agriculture is about more than 70%.

Data show that the world’s total arable land area of 1.5 billion ㎡, h has only 27% of the area of the farmland irrigation and drainage facilities, has produced 55% of the world’s food, is expected to add 80% ~ 80% of the food production has its own farmland irrigation and drainage facilities in the future.

Although the effective irrigation area in the United States and Romania is not very large, the area of sprinkler irrigation and micro irrigation area accounts for 54.4% and more than 80% of the effective irrigation area.

Over the past 20 years, the world h micro spray irrigation area of 1.05 million ㎡, accounting for 27.9% of the total area of the world of micro irrigation.

Developed countries in the world on low pressure pipe delivery very seriously, such as the United States of the water conveyance pipelining nearly half in large irrigated area, and Japan in the water but also advanced pipelining step, with underground drip irrigation can use water for irrigation, Kansas in the United States has placed underground drip irrigation as the use of sewage irrigation for field crops, a main irrigation technology, according to the calculation, the underground drip irrigation area of nearly 160000 ㎡ h, respectively 5% and 0.6% of the total area of microspray irrigation area and irrigation.