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Type and characteristics of micro irrigation.

HomeType and characteristics of micro irrigation.

Type and characteristics of micro irrigation.

Micro irrigation is to use micro irrigation equipment to assemble into the micro irrigation system, the pressure water transport distribution to the field, through the irrigation device.

(such as dripping head and micro sprinkler head) a local irrigation technique for soil near the root of the plant with a small flow of moisture.It is the most important component of water saving irrigation.

  1. Type of micro irrigation.

The micro irrigation system mainly includes drip irrigation, micro sprinkling irrigation and seepage irrigation.

  1. Characteristics of micro-irrigation.


Save water.

Micro irrigation is a local irrigation, and the micro irrigation system USES pipeline water to reduce the evaporation of the soil surface, and only the soil near the root zone of wetting crops is 50% less than that of ground irrigation.

Compared with the spray irrigation, it is not affected by the wind, which reduces the drift loss and can save 20% water.


And energy saving.

The irrigating device of micro irrigation works under low pressure, which is lower than the pressure of spraying irrigation, and it is more efficient than surface irrigation water, which can significantly reduce energy consumption.

  1. Uniform irrigation.

The micro irrigation system can control the irrigation water in the field effectively.

80% – 90%.

  1. Labor saving.

Micro-irrigation is convenient for automatic control, thus saving labor obviously.

  1. Strong adaptability to soil and terrain.

It is a pressure pipeline to water, can adapt to different terrain and different soil texture.

The temperature drop was small.

The operation mode of micro-irrigation is to adopt shallow irrigation and irrigation.

So it hardly causes the earth temperature to drop.

6.And to increase production.

Micro irrigation only moistens the soil, does not damage the soil structure, does not form the soil, and can be combined with fertilization to facilitate farmland management.

The water and nutrient components are delivered directly to the root of the crops in a timely and appropriate manner, and the utilization rate of water and fertilizer is improved.


Soil water, fertilizer, heat and gas are in the best condition, providing better survival and growth environment for crops, which greatly improves crop yield.

The general increase rate is 30%.

7. Micro spray irrigation irrigation device, such as head, micro nozzle export is very small, easily blocked by the minerals in the water or organic material, water is not uniform, so must be installed in the system first filter (centrifugal filter, mesh filter, etc.).