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Sprinkler irrigation

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Sprinkler irrigation

Concept and characteristics of sprinkler irrigation.

Sprinkler irrigation is the use of pressure equipment to irrigation water pressure or using terrain will drop irrigation water through the pipe to the irrigation area, the nozzle spray into the air and dispersed into tiny droplets of water, even foliar spraying in the fields or crops, to provide the necessary moisture conditions for normal crop growth an advanced irrigation methods.Compared with the surface irrigation method, the sprinkler irrigation has water saving, increasing production, improving the quality of agricultural products and strong adaptability.Less farmland and less labor.At the same time, its disadvantages are also obvious, such as high impact of wind, high equipment investment, high energy consumption and high operation cost.

The composition of sprinkler system.

Usually the sprinkler system is composed of water source engineering, water pump and power equipment, water distribution piping system, sprinkler head and ancillary equipment.

  1. Water supply engineering

The water source of sprinkler irrigation system usually USES surface water, and groundwater can be used in the absence of surface water.Surface water is usually taken from rivers, lakes, reservoirs, tangerines, and canal water, usually from Wells or springs.The construction investment of sprinkler irrigation is high, the design guarantee rate is generally not less than 85%, the water source should meet the requirement of irrigation water and water quality.For light and small sprinkler systems, set up matching projects to meet their flow requirements.

  1. Water pump and power equipment.

In addition to the use of natural water head, the working pressure of the sprinkler system should be provided by the pressure pump, which is commonly used for centrifugal pumps, long shaft pumps, submersible pumps and so on.The power equipment which is equipped with the irrigation pump is generally used in the motor, and the diesel engine or gasoline engine can be used when the power supply is lacking.The light small sprinkler system is easy to move and it is usually used to pump the pump and drive it with diesel engine and gasoline engine.

  1. Water distribution piping system.

The function of the water distribution piping system is to distribute the pressure water according to the irrigation requirements and distribute it to each water spray point in the field.

4. nozzle

The function of the sprinkler head is to spray the compressed water in the pipe into the air, forming a large number of small water droplets, which can be scattered to a certain extent in the field to replenish the soil moisture.There are various types of sprinklers, but the basic requirements for sprinkler heads are atomized.

  1. Ancillary equipment and ancillary buildings.

In order to enable the sprinkler system to operate normally, some ancillary equipment and ancillary buildings are needed in the irrigation project.