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The types and characteristics of water saving irrigation pipe.

HomeThe types and characteristics of water saving irrigation pipe.

The types and characteristics of water saving irrigation pipe.

Type and application of plastic pipe.

At present, agricultural irrigation pipes are mainly plastic tubes.

Since the 1950 s, with the rapid development of petrochemical industry, oil deep processing technology improvement, the plastic products variety, production increased rapidly, has gradually developed into a new type of engineering material, plastic pipe compared with the traditional pipe, with light weight, corrosion resistance, small flow resistance, energy saving, convenient installation fast, low cost advantage, get the favour of the pipeline engineering.

Therefore, many developed countries plastic pipe manufacturers and pipe engineering carried out extensive cooperation, invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to the comprehensive development research, production of raw materials synthesis, pipe fitting manufacturing technology, design theory and construction technology of the development and perfection, and accumulated rich practical experience, prompting plastic pipe in pipeline engineering occupies very important position, and form a kind of inevitable development trend.

  1. Rigid polyvinyl chloride pipe (UPVC pipe)

Rigid polyvinyl chloride pipe is the most widely used plastic pipe in China. UPVC pipe has high impact resistance and chemical resistance.

The UPVC pipe is divided into helical sound pipe, core layer foaming tube, radial reinforcing tube, spiral wound pipe, double wall corrugated pipe and single-wall corrugated pipe.For the irrigation pipe

UPVC pipe is mainly used for urban water supply, urban drainage, construction water supply and construction drainage pipeline.

  1. Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride tube (CPVC)

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tube consists of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin processing and get a good heat resistance of plastic pipe, has good heat resistance, ageing resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, abroad used for hot water pipe, liquid waste and sewage pipe, the domestic many used in the power cable to protect casing, etc.

  1. PE pipe (PE tube)

Polyethylene pipe is divided into high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE), medium density polyethylene pipe (MDPE) and low density polyethylene pipe (LDPE) according to its density, and HDPE tube has higher strength and rigidity.

Besides the compressive strength of HDPE pipe, MDPE tube has good flexibility and creep resistance.

LDPE pipe flexibility, elongation and impact resistance with good performance, especially the good chemical stability and resistance to high frequency insulation resistance, HDPE pipe and MDPE abroad are widely used as city gas pipeline, urban water supply pipeline.

At present, for the irrigation pipe,the domestic HDPE tube and MDPE pipe are mainly used as urban gas pipelines, and a small amount is used as the urban water supply pipe, and LDPE pipe is widely used as agricultural irrigation pipe.

  1. Crosslinked polyethylene pipe (PE-X tube)

Crosslinked polyethylene is a chemical method or physical method to change the plane chain structure of polyethylene molecules into three-dimensional network structure, so that it has excellent physical and chemical properties.

Pe-x tubes are mainly used in the supply of cold and hot water in the building and the heating of ground radiation.

  1. Polybutene tube (PB tube)

Polybutylene pipe has a unique creep resistance, long-term under high load and deformation, chemical stability, can safe use between – 20 ~ 95 ℃.

It is mainly used in tap water, hot water and heating pipes, but because of the small supply of PB resin, it is difficult to produce and apply in large quantities in China.

It is reported that only two companies can produce PB resin in the world.

  1. ABS engineering plastic pipe (ABS)

ABS is acrylonitrile, butadiene, styrene terpolymer, has high resistance to impact strength and surface strength, still within the range – 40 ~ 100 ℃ can keep toughness and stiffness and is not affected by corrosion and soil corrosion, using temperature is 90 ℃.

So commonly used in foreign countries for sanitary ware plumbing industry pipeline, pipeline, high corrosion, commonly used in domestic indoor hot and cold water pipes and water treatment of dosing piping, industrial piping erosion.

The above is the application of a wide variety of plastic pipes, of which rigid polyvinyl chloride pipes and polyethylene pipes are widely used as water saving irrigation pipes.