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Irrigation controller

Irrigation controller is in the direction of the automatic and intelligent development, irrigation control system design based on PLC, this paper introduces the programmable controller (PLC) irrigation in the application of water saving irrigation control system, the system can according to user requirements set in the irrigation area of irrigation and irrigation time sequence through the built-in program humidity sensor measuring the soil moisture of signal input to the PLC, and the best soil water content, further control motor and solenoid valve opening and closing.

The development of science and technology in the last three or four decades has ushered in a new revolution in agricultural technology.

The application of irrigation water management technology can reduce the loss of water in the canal system and achieve the goal of saving water.

The technology can also make the distribution of water more reasonable and increase the uniformity of the distribution of water, so it is also an effective way to increase crop yield and increase efficiency.

Israel and the United States, the Netherlands and other countries of different crop irrigation system carried on the thorough research, has made abundant achievements, mainly in agricultural information acquisition and processing, agricultural system simulation and timely management of agricultural production, agricultural expert system, agricultural decision support system, agriculture and agricultural trade information network applications.

Due to the long development time of water saving irrigation in developed countries and the high level of electronic technology, the automatic control system with water saving irrigation is also improved and advanced.

Water saving irrigation computer control irrigation systems have been widely used in developed countries, the use of the buried humidity sensor to measure soil moisture information, and the intelligent system can detect plants by the diameter of the stem and fruit of change, to decide the amount of irrigation schemes and irrigation.

Is more used in the greenhouse facilities such as small irrigation controller, this device can control several or a dozen road usually solenoid valve, there are several sets of irrigation management procedures, can be set in advance to infuse water and irrigation time interval, start and end time is easy to operate, automatic and intelligent control precision, reliable operation, save manpower, quite accuracy with irrigation process control can be achieved.

In recent years, the developed countries to satisfy the irrigation device of flexible, accurate and fast, the space information technology, computer technology and network technology, and other high and new technology is applied to the control and management of water saving irrigation, the technology is a hotspot of current research of water saving irrigation.