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The composition of drip irrigation system.

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The composition of drip irrigation system.

Drip irrigation system by water source project, the first hub (including water pump, engine, filters, liquid fertilizer injection device, measuring control instrument, etc.), various ShuPeiShui pipeline and glisten of four parts, the main parts as follows:


Pump, motor or diesel engine and other power and pressure equipment, they are the power and flow source of micro irrigation system.


The core of the drip irrigation system is the drip, the water from the capillary flow into the drip, the drip irrigation water flow under certain work pressure into the soil.

Water passes through a drip-drip, with a constant low flow or seepage, and diffuses in the soil in the form of unsaturated flow to the four sides.

At present, drip irrigation works mainly drip drip and drip irrigation.


Water quality purification equipment or facilities include sedimentation basin, primary interceptor, swirl shunt shunt, sieve mesh filter and media filter, etc.

According to different water quality, a purification equipment is selected.

The swirl shunt is separated from the water by centrifugal force, but it does not remove organic matter.

The main function of screen filter is to filter the suspended matter in irrigation water so as to ensure the whole system is not blocked.

The mesh is made of nylon or corrosion-resistant wire, and the mesh depends on the size of the fillet. It is necessary to remove the sediment of 75 microns in diameter and use 200 mesh screen.

The dielectric filter is made by washing and sorting gravel and sand and filling in the metal cylinder in a certain order. It is good for all kinds of organic or organic pollutants and suspended algae.


Safety protection equipment includes reducing valve, inlet valve, reverse valve, drain valve and so on.


Measuring and controlling equipment includes pressure gauges and water meters, as well as manual, mechanical or electric gate valves, such as hydraulic automatic control valves, flow regulators, etc.


Fertilizers and pesticide injectors and containers include pressure differential applicators, diaphragm or piston-type injection pumps, chemical fertilizers or pesticide solution storage tanks.

It must be installed in front of the filter in case the dissolved fertilizer particles are blocked.

There are three types of fertilizer injection: one is the pressure difference caused by the flow regulating valve on the pipe, and the fertilizer is injected into the dry pipe.

The other is to use a small pump to put the fertilizer into the dry pipe;

The third type is jet injection.