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How to choose irrigation pump?

How to choose irrigation pump?

How to choose irrigation pump?

How to choose irrigation pump? Are powerful guarantees for the normal production of agricultural irrigation pumps, drought, if there is no irrigation pumps, not only the crops crop failures, even the life of people will be protected with water, agricultural pump station is how important, agricultural irrigation water pump selection principle is as follows

The selection of water pump mainly considers pump head and pump flow.

The following four points: 1. The selection of the irrigation pump shall be based on the selected pump model and the water pump station designed by the table number, requiring the minimum investment of equipment and civil construction;

  1. The pump unit has the highest efficiency in the long run.
  2. The selection of water pump should meet the requirements of flow and lift;
  3. The selection of the pump should be easy to operate and maintain, and the management cost is low.

(1) the choice to determine the flow of water pump: traffic = (total farmland water + channel loss water)/water pump working time Total farmland water requirement is difficult to generalize, need according to the actual situation and the experience of the farmers to decide.

The total amount of water needed is equal to the product of farmland area and irrigation depth.

Water flow through channel, channel loss of water is also related to various factors.

The general loss of water pump is between 5% and 25% of the water requirement.

The working time of irrigation pump can be determined according to actual needs.

(2) the selection of the irrigation pump should determine the head lift: the actual lift can be measured in the field, namely the vertical height of the water surface to the channel surface or farmland surface.

If it is a river and a lake, the water surface should be standard with the dry water level in drought resistance.

When determining the lift of the pump, the installation height of the pump should also be considered.

Pumps maximum installation high degree = pumps allow suction height – suction lift pump suction head loss, the loss of diameter is commonly below (8 inches) pumps, suction pipe and not too long, the rule of thumb, a bottom valve when the water head loss is about 2 meters, without bottom valve water head loss is close to 1 m.

(3) the choice of water pump: when determining the flow and head, can according to the performance of the pump, the power, efficiency, power transmission mode and economic conditions, determine the appropriate pump type and model.

(4) selection model of the pump: the selection flow and head of the pump should be consistent with the aforementioned determination flow and the determination of the head, and should be the most efficient and the lowest shaft power.

(5) selection type of irrigation pump: small flow of centrifugal pump and high lift, suitable for the actual lift of over 10 meters;

The axial flow pump has a large flow rate and low lift, which is suitable for the actual lift of 4 meters.

The mixed flow pump is between the centrifugal pump and the axial flow pump, suitable for 5-10 meters head.

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